Want to experience an adventure in contact with nature? Bike rental Locarno is the right solution for you! Rediscover Ticino by ebike. With an ebike, adventure and fun are guaranteed. Book and come. Collect your ebike from 2wheels Rental. You will find us in Locarno, Via Dottor Giovanni Varesi 7a (link to GMB), Lugano, and Bioggio

Bike rental Locarno: Why rent an ebike?

E-bikes are bicycles equipped with an electric motor for pedalling assistance and are really fun.

Fun, adventure and nature

Renting an ebike in Locarno gives you the chance to enjoy a fantastic experience. Thanks to the ebike, even those who are not professional athletes can experience the thrill of exploring the magnificent surroundings of Locarno, cover greater distances than they would have been able to with a traditional bicycle, reach the peaks of the Ticino mountains, and enjoy the breathtaking views and natural beauty of the area

An environmentally friendly choice

Renting an ebike is a green option because you don’t use fuel or produce exhaust gases. This means you are reducing the amount of pollution that is released into the environment.

Ebike Locarno: which one to rent?

When renting an ebike in Locarno and venture out with your friends or family to discover Ticino, you may be wondering which ebike to rent. Find out which models we offer and which one is best suited to your needs. Here are our proposals:

find the best fit

Choose your Bike

MTB Fully

A twin-armoured bicycle. In addition to the suspension fork that dampen stress on the front wheel, MTB fully also has a rear mono-shock absorber.

E-MTB Allroad

A bike that adopts the technology of road, cyclocross, mountain and touring bicycles and can be used on both roads and dirt roads

E-MTB Full Suspension

The double suspension, front and rear, allows the wheel to have a better grip on the ground for greater stability and comfort

E-MTB Hardtail

A bike without rear shock absorbers, ideal for rough terrains and climbing

Gravel Bike

Drop-bar bike designed to let you ride over many different surfaces

Road Bike

Good for touring and racing, drop-bar handlebar which puts the rider in an aerodynamic position.

Ebike Locarno: routes in the area

Now that you have chosen your ebike from 2wheels Rental, your bike rental in Locarno, we offer you a series of routes around the beautiful town of Locarno. You can choose the route that suits you best according to your preferences, difficulty and distance. To discover Lugano routes visit our dedicated page: Ebike Lugano

Brione Verzasca – Froda waterfall (click here for details)

An easy route suitable for everyone winds along the Verzasca River. The crystal-clear waters of the river, its basins, typical villages surrounded by nature and the beautiful Froda waterfall make the Verzasca Valley an ideal place for cycling tours.

  • LENGHT 8,7 km
  • LEVEL From 731 m to 915 m
  • DURATION 1:20 h

Optional route:

Alternatively, you can start directly from the bike rental Locarno and ride to Froda waterfall. With your ebike you will have no problem covering this longer distance (approx. 33 km).

Locarno – Ascona – Mount Verità (click here for details)

This route, which is half urban, will allow you to visit places of interest along the way, such as Lido Locarno, the Camellia Park, the Maggia delta, the village of Ascona, and Monte Verità

  • LENGTH 9,5 km
  • LEVEL From 201 m to 327 m
  • DURATION 1:20 h

Locarno – Vallemaggia (click here for details)

The route from Locarno to Vallemaggia allows you to discover the extraordinary beauty of this valley. The route starts at Lake Maggiore, crosses the Maggia and Melezza rivers and reaches the Alps.

  • LENGTH 35 km
  • LEVEL From 195 m to 463 m
  • DIFFICULTY Intermediate
  • DURATION 4 h

Curiosity: Pump Track Cevio

If you want to test your skills as a cyclist, on the route from Locarno to Vallemaggia you will find the “Pump Track Cevio”, an artificial track made up of ascents, descents and parabolic curves that must be travelled using only the thrust of the body and not pedalling. There is a main track, 260 m long by 2 m wide, and one 45 m long by 1.5 fi wide for children and beginners.

Locarno – Cardada – Locarno (click here for details)

A more demanding route that starts in Locarno and climbs up to Monte Brè on an asphalted road, then follows a more difficult ascent to Alpe Cardada. The route also includes serpentines and stretches in the forest, ending with a descent to Locarno. The assisted pedalling of the ebike will help you tackle this exciting route, taking you to discover the Monte Brè region as far as Val Resa, enjoying the beautiful view of the Centovalli, the panorama of Lake Maggiore and the city of Locarno.

  • LENGHT 37 km
  • LEVEL From 205 m to 1495 m
  • DIFFICULTY Difficult
  • DURATION 5:30 h

Ebike Locarno: for an unforgettable experience on two wheels

Ticino offers plenty of opportunities for cycling excursions. Discover the beauty of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, enjoy the crystal-clear waters, verdant valleys and typical villages of the Maggia Valley, the Verzasca Valley and the Centovalli. Put yourself to the test by reaching the peaks of the Ticino mountains. Choose the route you like the most and get in the saddle. Book your bike in Locarno, Lugano or Bioggio with us.

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